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Ready-to-make Khorak Packaging

Packaging, label and brochure design for a ready-to-make sweet pack aimed at helping new cooks enjoy the process.

Ready-to-Make Pack for Khorak - Packaging Design

Project Timeline: 2 weeks

Mentor: Prof. Purba Joshi and Prof. Mandar Rane

Type: Group work (Nayanika Dey, Syam Lal KS)

Background: An elective course where we designed packaging, labels and brochures for ready-to-eat items. The packages would come with the raw ingredients and easy-to-understand instructions for people with no prior cooking experience. Alongside, we challenged ourselves to create something unique, stackable, without the use of glue and from one type of material. 

We looked at the cultural significance of Khorak - the Sindhi sweet. We asked ourselves - can the packaging itself be the brochure? And finally settled on a minimal, box-design that opened into a bright and colourful 3D brochure-like design. 

Keywords: packaging design, label design, brochure design, prototyping.

Tools Used: Rhino 6, Keyshot, Figma, Thermocol and paper.
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Khorak - Sindh ka Swaad

The brand name - Homemade, their logo and other FSSAI standards for labelling were included accordingly. 

Easy Stackable

The box and label design allow stacked shelves to look like the top of a Khorak box.

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Brochure Design

khorak 2_edited.jpg
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