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1. Message Tagging for IM Apps

Instant Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and WeChat allow users to save important messages with a 'Star Message' feature. However, with many messages, it's difficult to find the right one even among selected messages. Tags allow us to segment messages using colours. Apart from the visual tagging in chats, it makes searching for that one message easier from the Starred Messages list.
whatsapp final.gif
2. Tape Dispenser with feedback for equal cuts

While packing items, or sticking paper, one often tries to cut equal pieces. This dispenser is designed with three slight bumps - two on the external body and one on the rotating wheel that alerts the user of equal sizes by offering a minor resistance during rotation.

With this microinteraction, one can stop the tape rolling at this stage based on the feedback, or continue on to get the tape size they need. The idea is to simply offer the information, which the user may or may not use.
3. Pins Windows In Order

While using multiple windows, the active window remains on top and covers the rest. To be able to work on multiple windows simultaneously without switching, one needs to tile them accordingly on the screen, which leaves little space for each and may not always be convenient. 

This microinteraction introduces a system where users can "pin" windows in a specific order. A slider is present that rests on the taskbar. 
Here is it at work:
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